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Make a difference in the lives of others and Give the Gift of Education! All Proceeds are utilized to give ambitious, cash strapped, yet dedicated individuals a start in Real Estate!

It's no secrete Real Estate is a viable path to earning a living. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get off the ground. By gifting students the Mandatory 63 Hour State Education gives wind underneath beneath the wings of those ready to fly.

Every Month Florida Real Estate Camp reserves Seats for people who are committed to gaining a Florida Real Estate License, although they are not able to pay. Your Gift will support this Campaign! Your gift is tax-deductible. More importantly, Discover Your Impact treats your gift as an investment. All recipients are interviewed and screened to ensure the needs matches this special gift. Once licensed, Discover Your Impact keeps track of all grads! You can check back to see how much good you are doing on the Student Success Page(no grads yet)!  Let's get some!

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