In this world full of fast tools and immediate validation, it’s very easy to envelope and think… nothing of it.  However, I urge you to consider the complete opposite!  The next time you feel… “I’ve got this!  Celebrate sure!  You certainly deserve it!  Ultimately, it’s going to be better when you bring someone who, otherwise, would never have an opportunity to get it!   Lift your wand and Sprinkle “it” all over them!

Jam Out to your favorite song! You killed it this week…let it be gone!

Optimistic people be like watch me float this while drowning with no lifeboat in sight!

Opportunities are everywhere!  Feel free to pick one!

Give yourself a face-lift! SMILE!

We are not the putty of our mistakes…instead, We are powerful Masters of our lessons

Grab your running shoes… it’s time to make gains!

Challenges are here to make us better!  You were designed with everything you need to Handle it!

We may have to swim underwater sometimes, but drowning is not an option…come up for air!

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